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Pedestrian tour for the 110th anniversary of the Independence in Veliko Tarnovo
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Pedestrian tour for the 110th anniversary of the Independence in Veliko Tarnovo

On September 22, 2018, the Regional Museum of History in Veliko Tarnovo will organize for the residents and visitors of the old capital a free pedestrian tour “In the Steps of the Bulgarian Statehood”, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Independence of Bulgaria.

The tour, accompanied by talks, will be on the historical sites related to the Bulgarian statehood and the proclamation of the Independence in the Asenov neighbourhood and the Tsarevets fortress. The beginning is at 2.00 pm from the church-museum “St. Dimitar Solunski”. The route will pass through the museums’ churches “St. 40 Muchenitsi “and” St. Peter and Pavel “, the small gate of the Tsarevets Architectural and Museum Reserve, and will end at the monument-pyramid of the fortress. Anyone wishing to join the pedestrian tour can do so in any stage and place.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Independence, on September 22, the church “St. 40 Muchenitsi “and Tsarevets fortress will be open for free visits from 9.00 to 16.00.

The Tsarevets fortress is one of the most visited tourist sites in Bulgaria. It is situated on Tsarevets hill, which is located in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo. The fortress has three entrances, which are still visible today. The main entrance, which was defended by towers, is located to the west. The second entrance is the so-called. Small Gate (Assen’s) and is located on the northwestern fortress wall. The third entrance, the Franciscan Gate, is at the southeast end of the fortress and is guarded by a battle tower. This tower is known as the Balduin Tower, named after the Latin Emperor Baldwin Flanders, captured in the Battle of Edirne in 1205 by Tsar Kaloyan. The legend tells that after the Battle of Baldwin he was locked in that tower, where he later died.

In the central part of the fortress, the palace complex is located – several buildings surrounded by an inner stone wall, two battle towers and two entrances. Includes a throne room, a palace church and royal churches. Among the rulers who ruled the Tsarevets state are Kings Asen I, Peter IV, Kaloyan, Ivan Assen II, Ivan Alexander, Ivan Shishman.

Today, the Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo is a unique place to see the past of Bulgaria.

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