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Post and Tele Exhibition in Veliko Tarnovo

path_200363Post and Tele Exhibition attracts visitors in Veliko Tarnovo. The intriguing exposition is housed in the building of the Central Post Office (the second entrance down the stairs off the main Nezavisimost Street). Currently the number of the exhibits is just over 200.

Among the items is the bureau of a post office director; it is equipped with two phones, documentation and ink cartridges, one of which dates from the 1940s. These are all taken from the post office in the village Nedan.

Visitors can see older models of letter weighing scales, telephone switchboard, calculating machine, used after 1944, commemorative photo albums of Veliko Tarnovo Post Office employees, a collection of regulations and other documents some of which more than 100 years old.

The exhibition also contains photos of the various buildings which have accommodated Veliko Tarnovo Central Post Office over the years. The first building was located near the Konak in 1878. The current edifice was built in 1951. The number of the post offices in the region nowadays is 154.

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