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Remember, remember the Fifth of November…


The venue

A British expat has been organizing Guy Fawkes Nights in the village of Momin Sbor for some years now and this year is not going to be an exception. Wild Rovers 4X4 will be holding a Guy Fawkes Party on Thursday November, 5th. The nights bear a charitable spirit and this year funds will be raised for Velvet Hearts – a local animal rescue charity. The funds will go towards the neutering, care, feeding and re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs.

rememberThe organizer is promising that the fireworks will be bigger and better this year and there will be more room for seating and plenty of cover in case of bad weather. There will be prizes, BBQ an lots more…

Yantra Homes takes pride in participating in this event and is also going to make a donation for the animal welfare.

If you want to join the night or learn more you can find additional details here:

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