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Rope Garden in Ksilifor near Veliko Tarnovo
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Amazing “Rope Garden” in Ksilifor near Veliko Tarnovo

The Rope Garden in the Ksilifor Park near Veliko Tarnovo is already finished. At the end of the week, the first test of the attraction, which is one of a kind in the region, will be made and the official opening will be at the end of September.

The facility has the form of an equilateral triangle measuring 15/15/15 meters and a height of 13.7 meters. The first level is located at 6 meters height, and anyone who succeeds to overcome it passes to the next, which is at a height of 12 meters. At each level, there are 7 obstacles or 14 in total. At least two instructors will be at the disposal of the brave climbers, and each participant will be completely secure. Anyone wishing to climb this attraction must be above 1.10 m high. A fee will be charged to use the attraction, but its price has not yet been determined.

The newest entertainment and sports facility was built thanks to the idea of “Trapezitsa – 1902” TD and the funds for it were collected during the Christmas charity ball in December 2017. The donated amount was 4600 BGN. The facility itself is a donation from Ivaylo Penchev and Metin Mousov, owners of a climbing wall manufacturing company.

Park Ksilifor is located just 4 km east of Veliko Tarnovo and is a preferred destination for most tourists visiting Veliko Tarnovo. There are many places for relaxation and even physical exercise in Ksilifor, and you can even prepare your own food outdoors at the barbecues. Or if you prefer a little walk you can choose one of the eco-paths passing through the place.

For sports lovers, there are basketball, soccer and children’s playgrounds. The area is extremely pleasant because it combines nature and civilization at this place. There is an inn in the heart of Ksilifor, where you can eat and relax. The artificial lake and the green meadow nearby are also very attractive for visitors – the lake contributes to the mood and the view, while the wide meadow creates perfect conditions for outdoor sports and fresh air.

Nearby is the two-star hotel Momina Krepost which has a capacity of 160 beds and will provide you with the most necessary conditions for staying in the area to spend a pleasant and unforgettable weekend near Veliko Tarnovo.

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