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The third edition of the ancient festival "Ancient Balkan Land" near Veliko Tarnovo
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The third edition of the ancient festival “Ancient Balkan Land” near Veliko Tarnovo

For the third consecutive year, The Pavlikeni Museum of History, together with the Municipality of Pavlikeni, organize the ancient festival “Ancient Balkan Land” (Terra Antiqua Balcanica). 

The main focus of the program of the festival near Veliko Tarnovo will be pottery – visitors will be able to see the moulding, loading and burning of the furnace on September 7, and the finished ceramic production will be taken out of the furnace on September 8. Other crafts will be presented at the festival as well – blacksmithing, coinage and more. Interesting moments during the festival will be the presentation of Roman medicine and the organized “slave market”. Visitors will have the opportunity to dress in Roman clothing as well as taste dishes prepared according to ancient Roman recipes. Wine tasting is provided by the Varbovka Wine Cellar.

For the first time, there will be a lottery drawn, the awards for which have been provided by the Pavlikeni Museum of History, the DUKS Antica and Moss Mayorus Ulpie Serdice, the restorers and craftsmen who will take part in the festival and the wine cellar “Varbovka”. Tickets for it will be available on site. Another surprise for visitors will be the new ceramic pendants depicting Silen (Strong) – a cheerful old man, teacher of God Dionysus and part of his entourage. Images of Silen were placed on the ceramic vessels of the ancient potters from the production complex in Varbovski Livadi.

The ancient ceramic centre was discovered in 1971 and is located 6 km northwest of the town of Pavlikeni in the direction of the village of Varbovka. It is an open-air museum with a farm estate (villa rustica) and one of the largest ceramic production centres in the province of Lower Moesia in the I – III centuries AD. The central villa complex and part of the open 51 ceramic furnaces are on-site. The site is open for visitors every day and is accessible all year round.

The festival will be held at the site of the Ancient Ceramic Center near Veliko Tarnovo on September 7th. Admission is free. The opening of the festival is at 10:00 am and the organizers have provided free shuttle buses from the Municipality of Pavlikeni at 9:45 am and return at 16:30.

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