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The village of Karaisen near Veliko Tarnovo with a virtual map of its sights
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The village of Karaisen near Veliko Tarnovo with a virtual map of its sights

A virtual map of the Karaisen tourist trail and sights in the village near Veliko Tarnovo was created by Plamen Ivanchev. 

The online map is one of Ivanchev’s latest projects and includes photographs of about 25 sights and brief interesting information about each one. It is also extremely easy to use on mobile devices. The main trail is red, but there is also an extended route marked in green. Plamen’s ambitions are to soon mark the hiking trail and put up signboards to help citizens who decide to walk around the area near Veliko Tarnovo. 

The village of Karaisen near Veliko Tarnovo even has its own logo and Facebook page. This and many more initiatives are part of the new vision for the settlement in an attempt to revive it, which Plamen Ivanchev has undertaken. Tennis tournaments, horoteka, training sessions on Brazilian capoeira, martial arts, taekwondo training, numerous plays and more are just some of the initiatives held in the village.

Karaisen is a large village offering necessary amenities and close to the main road. The village is lively and is a great place for a new home abroad away from the hustle and bustle of big towns. The village is famous for its winery and the Karaisen reservoir amongst other things.

The productive wine-growing cooperative “Grapes” offers many wines and wine-based drinks. The Karaisen cellar is best known for its sagebrush prepared with many aromatic and medicinal herbs. A total of over 30 herbs goes into the sagebrush, some of them are chamomile, linden, thistle and more.

The wine cellar in Karaisen was founded in 1923. It was then among the top 10 in Bulgaria. The winery offers merlot, cabernet, chardonnay, and other wines made using traditional technology. They also have 3 types of rakia – ordinary, aged and manly, which, like the sagebrush, contains medicinal herbs.

So if you are in the region make sure you go on a little hike and afterwards take a breather with a nice glass of wine.

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