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3D mapping and laser show for Veliko Tarnovo Day

3D mapping and laser show in Veliko Tarnovo last year

3D mapping and laser show in Veliko Tarnovo last year

The logo of the candidature of Veliko Tarnovo for the European Cultural Capital 2019 will be the culmination of the three-dimensional light show on the facade of Boris Denev Art Gallery on March 22, Veliko Tarnovo Day.

The attraction with duration of 15 minutes will start at 8pm. The show combines lights and lasers, 3D mapping and spectacular pyrotechnical effects. The three-dimensional images on the facade of the art gallery will recreate events from Bulgaria and Veliko Tarnovo’s history.

A total of 10 lasers, 120 intelligent light appliances, 4 projectors and 4 server computers will be used for the implementation of the show and video processing used for the mapping.

This year 4 more full colour new generation lasers will be used to make the show even more spectacular., which then will be followed by gorgeous fireworks. Weather-permitting, there will be an additional surprise on the Stambolov Bridge.

In order to guarantee the safety of citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo, access to the bridge and the Asenevtsi Monument will be temporarily restricted.

The 3D show can be observed from Gurko Street, Teodosiy Tarnovski Street and the panoramic terraces along the Nezavisimost Street.

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