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Veliko Tarnovo citizen pays bills with 20 kg of pennies


The Veliko Tarnovo Coordinator of the Civil Movement for National Unity and Salvation, paid his January electricity bill with pennies weighing a total of 20 kg.

The Tarnovian, Martin Karageorgiev, had 180 levs to pay. As an act of protest against the high electricity prices and the growing poverty in Bulgaria he decided to pay his bill in pennies. “They already make us live on pennies and count bread crumbs, this is why I decided to pay my bill in pennies”, said Martin.

He managed to gather 1, 2, 5 stotinki (coins) worth 106 levs with the help of relatives and friends. The difference to 180 Levs  he paid in notes, since he could not manage to gather more coins.

The counting and sorting of the pennies included two cashiers and two people from the queue. It took them 1 hour and 50 minutes to count 20 kg of stotinki.


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