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A new Chinese restaurant and new supermarket will be opened this summer in Veliko Tarnovo town

The new Chinese restaurant is going to be opened in the building of the Central Post Office in Veliko Tarnovo town. The investment will be realized jointly with a Chinese company.veliko tarnovo town

The building in the centre of the old capital was lastly owned by the developer Todor Kolev. It was then planned to open as an ice cream house, but the project was never implemented. The new investor Viktor Azmanov is the founder and chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese chamber of commerce and industry and is a master of martial arts. His passion to China leaded to his decision to open a Chinese restaurant in the top centre of the town. For the past few years Veliko Tarnovo attracts a lot tourist from Asia, so such restaurant with this good location is going to have a lot of clients.

Also, this summer a new supermarket will be opened in Veliko Tarnovo town. The supermarket will be located in “Buzludzha” neighbourhood at the end of the park and will have an area of ​​about 700 sqm. In the new shop, which is part of the leading food chain T market, about 25 jobs will be opened and part of the goods will be delivered by producers from the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

The store will be in the same place where it was a few years ago and is well known to the residents of the neigbourhood. The management of the company has embarked on a new look and trade concept for the store, and the assortment will be expanded according to the customer and market requirements.
Focus on the product lines will be fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh meat, which is cut and delivered from the company’s own workshop.

The food chain has been developing on the Bulgarian market for 13 years. The company’s network of stores is growing annually and currently numbers 69 in 34 small and large cities across the country.


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