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Art-Nature Symposium Veliko Tarnovo

Nature Symposium VT

Nature Symposium VT

Authors from Israel, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA, Turkey and Bulgaria will participate in the second edition of the eco-art symposium „ART – NATURE 2013”, which will take place from 3 to 16 July in Gabrovtsi village. The event is organized by the artists from the local Duppini Art Group with the support of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality.


Fifteen artists will work outdoors using natural materials. The symposium will also feature participants from Duppini Art Group, five assisting students from the Sculpture department of the Faculty of Arts and volunteers.


One characteristics of “the art in nature” concept is that works created using natural materials remain at the place of their creation and thus become part of the landscape. Part of this years work will remain at their place of creation and contribute to the unique open air museum in Gabrovtsi, which was established last year with the first edition of the only Bulgarian land art forum „ART – NATURE“.


„ART – NATURE 2013“ is one of the initiatives in support of Veliko Tarnovo’s application for European capital of culture in 2019. See Key to VT for detailed information about this event.

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