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New shopping centre in Veliko Tarnovo

Poltava building, currently

current look of the Poltava building

The famous Poltava Building in Veliko Tarnovo gets a fresh face-lift. The premises are set to have a shopping centre with a café, restaurant and gym. It is expected to be open to public this summer.


Hectic renovation works have been going on for a few months now. The restaurant will be open by March 22, just in time for the Official Holiday of Veliko Tarnovo.


A little known fact about Poltava is that it is a typical example of the architectural style brutalism. This style started in England in 1954  and became popular in the 60s. It is characterised by simplified and crude building facades without any decoration and celebrating the natural structure of materials –  the concrete, steel, brick and glass. Currently, the style is very popular in Israel and Latin America. Many prestigious American and British universities and court buildings are also built in this manner.

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