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The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo with a live streaming camera
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Veliko Tarnovo with plans to save the tourist season

Tourists who visit museums in Veliko Tarnovo will soon be able to enjoy a 10% discount in restaurants and hotels.

The Municipal Tourist Agency Tsarevgrad Tarnov and the regional structure of the Bulgarian hotel and restaurant association have come up with some anti-crisis measures to save local tourism. They are already being considered as part of the concept for the development of the municipal tourist agency at meetings of the standing committees of the local parliament. One of the measures is planned to be a 10% discount in restaurants and hotels for visitors of Veliko Tarnovo with a ticket from a local landmark or museum. The idea is that the discount will be integrated with the ticket.

Road renovations and improvements in Veliko Tarnovo for 2020

New services, new attractions and events are the other ideas for stimulating visitors by Tsarevgrad Tarnov Ltd. The budget for the additional events can come from the saved over 600 thousand leva from the events from the cultural calendar of the Municipality that have not taken place because of COVID-19. Finally, the development of a general ticket for several local attractions is underway, following the example of other countries. These tickets will also be available online.

What is more, 10 routes have already been developed for day trips around the old capital. They will soon be launched and promoted on the market by the Municipal Tourist Agency. In addition, the agency is in an advanced stage of preparation for the tenth edition of the Night of the Samovodska Charshia. There is also a concept for organising a program of open-air festivals using the facilities of the Christmas Bazaar. Negotiations are underway with impresario and concert agencies for various events at the Summer Theatre as well.

Veliko Tarnovo Sound and Light Show

Another initiative by the Municipal Tourist Agency is the free broadcast of the world-famous show “Tsarevgrad Tarnov – Sound and Light”. The free show will be every Saturday evening until the end of summer on the panoramic balcony on 6 Nikola Pikolo Str. Tickets for the free show as well as full information about the dates and times of the broadcast can be found on the Sound and Light website

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