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Veliko Tarnovo takes preventive measures against the spread of acute respiratory diseases

Veliko Tarnovo takes preventive measures against the spread of acute respiratory diseases

The Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Daniel Panov ordered preventive measures to be taken against the spread of acute respiratory diseases. This is a precautionary measure connected with the Covid-19 cases in Gabrovo and Pleven. The prevention is based on the order issued by the Minister of Health and has been coordinated with the Regional Health Inspectorate.

Until further notice, all public events in Veliko Tarnovo and the municipality are cancelled, including film screenings, theatre productions and so on. This also applies to outdoor events since it is advised to avoid the gathering of many people in one place. The events related to the upcoming holiday of Veliko Tarnovo – March 22 are also cancelled. All sporting events will be held without an audience. Both outdoor and indoor museums will welcome visitors, for now, but without guided tours. All events involving children are cancelled. With the help of Civil Protection, both city and village busses will be disinfected every day. Disinfectants for kindergartens, nurseries, schools, public buildings, institutions, etc. are provided, as well as supplies for the disinfection of shoes. During the night time, sidewalks, bus stops and streets will be treated with disinfectant at scheduled times.

These preventive measures are taken not only in Veliko Tarnovo but in most other municipalities as well. Of course, there are precautionary measures each person should also take. They include washing your hands frequently, maintaining social distance, avoiding places with a lot of people, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, wear a mask but don’t forget to regularly change it, use antiseptic hand gel and so on. These are common measures that should be familiar to everyone, especially during flu season.

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