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New measures against the coronavirus in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

New measures against the coronavirus in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

In view of the state of emergency introduced in Bulgaria, new anti-epidemic measures have been introduced by the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. For now, they are expected to be implemented until 29 March.

  1. The operation of shops for food, household, sanitary and construction goods, pharmacies and drugstores is allowed.
  2. The activities of food delivery establishments and hotspots are allowed, with the highest hygiene measures applied to food packaging and the responsibility to ensure a social distance of at least 1,2 meters.
  3. Home social patronage will also work.
  4. Activities of amusement and gaming halls, discos, bars, large shopping malls and shopping centres and restaurants are discontinued. The only places allowed to operate in malls are bank and insurance offices, pharmacies and grocery stores.
  5. The work of hairdressers, beauty salons and studios is allowed, with the application of high sanitary measures and providing a social distance.
  6. Individual access to open-air museum exhibitions is permitted, subject to social distance rules and without guided tours.
  7. Classes and all extracurricular activities in schools and universities are discontinued. All schools in the municipality have to get ready for distance learning.
  8. Kindergartens and day nurseries are closed. All group forms related to children and students are discontinued.
  9. All mass events – sports (including training), cultural, entertaining and scientific, including cinemas, theatres, museums, exhibition halls, sports and SPA centres, gyms, etc. – are closed/discontinued. The same applies to conferences, symposiums, etc.
  10. Child and female consultations, preventive examinations and immunizations, planned operations and hospital visits shall be discontinued.
  11. Introduction of a remote form of work is recommended, and when this cannot be done, employers should apply enhanced anti-epidemic measures in the workplace.

All the disinfection measures that are applied on streets, public buildings and spaces, as well as in urban transport, remain in force. There will be temporary changes to the timetables of part of the bus lines. The deadline for issuing personal documents (IDs, driving licences, etc.) is extended by six months to avoid the gathering of many people. The deadline for local taxes to be paid with a discount has also been extended – until April 30.

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality will inform the public in due time in case of any new changes of the imposed anti-epidemic measures.

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