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The largest town park in Veliko Tarnovo springs back to life

Sveta Gora park renovation

Sveta Gora Park starts near the Asenevtsi Monument

The largest public park in Veliko Tarnovo, Sveta Gora, is currently under reconstruction after years of neglect and is expected to be ready for everyone to enjoy by June this year. The total cost of the project is expected to amount to 1 million euro. This is said to be only the first stage of the thorough transformation of this favourite place of past years. A Ferris wheel, just like the one which was once perched on top of Sveta Gora hill will be reinstalled during the next stage of reconstruction; the panoramic views from the observation wheel are said to be unique. Also a Fairy-tale house will be set up; kids will be able to meet their favourite cartoon characters and to have hours of fun among them. An open-air reading room will also be available.

Sveta Gora Park will span at 580 decares (580,000 sqm). All the alley will be build anew with granite paving blocks. The park will be the best place in town for family day outs and recreational activities. It will also be very beautiful at night when the planned artistic lighting is implanted.

Extreme sports fans will have their fair share as well – artificial rock climbing wall be erected and fans of skateboarding will enjoy skate ramps and rail in a specially designated area. An obstacle course for training dogs will also be constructed; it will be one of its kind in Bulgaria. Among the other key features at the park will be a football pitch with artificial turf, outdoor fitness area and a number of kids’ playground for various age ranges. Seniors and people who are not much into sports will also find the park suitable for them – gazebos and areas for picnicking will be available for them

The paths and alleyways leading to the park will also be redone and a large parking lot will be set up.

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