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Veliko Tarnovo Chess Tournaments Week


Over 200 junior chess players are participating in this year Veliko Tarnovo Chess Tournament Week.

Four tournaments are being held between four age groups – up to 8 years old, between 8 and 12, and  12 – 14 (mixed boys and girls).

There are going to be seven rounds with 30 minutes per player according to the rules of Speed Chess.

Organizers of the “Tarnovska Tsaritsa” (Queen of Tarnovo) Junior Cup are members of the local Chess Club Etar.

The European Champions Tsvetan Stoyanov and Gabriela Antova are also attending the event, as well as the Hungarian and World Vice Champion, the Hungarian, Ana Marjanovic.

Tarnovska Tsaritsa opens today at Hotel Etar with an official conference and is only the beginning of the chess tournaments in Veliko Tarnovo.

The International Tournament for Men & Women “Old Capital” launches tomorrow. All Bulgarian and foreign players are eligible to participate the first open international tournament.The tournament is acknowledged for international ratings and titles. The playing time is 90 minutes per player + 30 seconds per move. Race will continue for six days and will end with a closing ceremony and awards.

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