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The Veliko Tarnovo region has entered the green zone for COVID-19
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Veliko Tarnovo launched 13 free Wi-Fi hotspots in public places

13 free high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots in public places are now available to residents and guests of Veliko Tarnovo. The initiative is a fact thanks to the WIFI4EU project of the European Commission.

13 spots in the old capital Veliko Tarnovo with free Wi-Fi access

The Internet network will be freely accessible for a minimum of three years, according to the terms of the project, providing for sustainability with subsequent technical support of the installed equipment by the beneficiaries. The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has implemented the delivery, installation and commissioning of a complete system for providing a Wi-Fi zone with 13 internet access points available on the territory of the city. The network is named “WIFI4EU” and is now available.

Free internet access is available in the following locations:

  • Tsar Asen I Square – in front of the Tsarevets fortress;
  • panoramic landings on Stefan Stambolov Street;
  • Monument “Assenevtsi”;
  • Saedinenie Square – in front of the Revival and Constituent Assembly Museum;
  • Monument “Mother Bulgaria”;
  • Marno Pole Park;
  • Nikola Gabrovski Park;
  • Buzludzha Park;
  • Zone B Park;
  • Cholakovtsi Park;
  • park next to the Church of the Resurrection of Christ;
  • Kartala Park: the new playground;
  • Akacia Park.

All municipalities that have implemented the initiative for free Wi-Fi internet access are already part of the large WIFI4EU community. The goal is to improve communication, exchange news and information, share experiences and good practices, expand cultural ties and more.

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