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Update on the work declaration for traveling between regional cities

The Ministry of the Interior changed the form of the declaration for passage through checkpoints in the regional cities, informed the press center of the department.

This was imposed after an analysis of the effectiveness of the checkpoints in regional cities and the received inquiries and recommendations from citizens. It is expected that this way the work will be more efficient and it will also prevent misappropriation. The new declaration can be found and downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Interior (, as well as down below.

The new declaration eliminates the certification from the employer needed in the previous one. Citizens will attest to their work circumstances with an official note issued by the employer or other official document (ID card, pass, etc.) that they have to carry with them. It is important to note that now the declarations will be collected by the police officers in order to control the implementation of the measure and to check the filled in data. Which is to say you will need a new declaration every time you pass a checkpoint. Citizens traveling for other urgent reasons present an ID card and a declaration. In this case, the declaration will also be collected by the police officers.

The Ministry of the Interior reminds citizens that, in accordance with the Minister of Health’s order of 21 March 2020 for the introduction of new anti-epidemic measures, entry and exit through the checkpoints of regional cities is allowed only if there is an urgent need or situation.

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