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LWho knew having a house during a pandemic can be quite handy
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Country houses are a godsend during this time of pandemic and isolation

Close your eyes and imagine birds chirping, flowers blooming, peace and quiet all around you while you drink your morning coffee without having to worry about being at least 2 meters away from someone. Well, that is the reality of those who have houses in the county side in this time of social isolation because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Veliko Tarnovo holiday houses

Besides enjoying nature, they have the actual opportunity to do something fun and useful while being quarantined because as we all know there is always work to be done in a house/garden. Spring is the perfect season to plant some vegetables or maybe some fruit trees or even just some beautiful flowers to spruce up your garden. If gardening isn’t for you, you can always kick your shoes off, lay back in the sun and read a good book in your yard.

City dwellers, trapped between the walls of their apartments most certainly do not have that opportunity. Now that we have to comply with the quarantine because of COVID-19 we can fully appreciate the benefits of country houses. Over the years, the interest in these types of properties has steadily grown – not only from middle-aged people but young families as well. Foreigners especially appreciate the peace and tranquility these houses have to offer while still being near a big city.

Most of the people are looking for villages that have convenient transport to the nearest municipal centres, have shops and are well maintained. There are many villages in the region that meet those criteria – Merdanya, Polski Senovets, Mindya, Draganovo, Novo Selo and many more. In almost all of the villages, there is a property for everybody – a ready to move in house with no works needed or a cheap fixer-upper that can be turned into a lovely family home.      

Lovely houses

If you suddenly have the urge to buy a nice house not far from Veliko Tarnovo you can contact Yantra Homes estate agency. Feel free to browse their website and make a list of your desired houses and they will help you pick out the perfect house for you. Even in this time of isolation, you can contact the agency for more information and any help you might need.

Yantra Homes Estate Agency
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