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Simple measures everyone should take against COVID-19

Simple measures everyone should take against COVID-19

The Bulgarian Patient Protection Association gave out valuable tips on how to reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19. They are quite common sense and we are sure most of you already do them but we would like to remind our readers nonetheless.

When going out it is best to wear long-sleeved clothing. If you wear a mask, put it on just before you leave. If you have long hair – tie it, this will make you touch your face less. Try to avoid cash, pay with a card. If you have a dog don’t allow it to lie or roll on the ground. And of course, wash your hands, use disinfectant and keep your distance.

COVID-19 prevention measures

When coming home do not touch anything before washing your hands. Take off your shoes. If you were walking your pet – clean its paws. Take off your clothes and wash your hands as well as any exposed parts of the body. Disinfect your phone, glasses and the surfaces of anything you bring home. We are reminded that a complete disinfection is impossible – all these measures only reduce the risk of infection. Experts advice people to have a so-called “dirty wardrobe” so that clothes do not mix.

The longest the virus lingers is on smooth surfaces, up to 3 days says Prof. Emil Vodenicharov, head of the Department of Hygiene at the Medical University. These surfaces are most often glass and plastic. On second place is money where the virus lasts about 30 hours on coins and 24 hours on notes. According to research, in addition to soap and disinfectant, the virus can be affected by steam cleaners and UV lamps.

COVID-19 in numbers

Total casesDeathsRecovered
World487 43422 026117 577

Source: Worldometer

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