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New city development plan envisages recreation areas along the Yantra



The Mayors of Veliko Tarnovo and Alexandria, Daniel and Victor Panov Dragusin, have signed an agreement for joint application for cross-border project between Romania and Bulgaria. It is called “Building eco urban zones in the Lower Danube Euro-region – models for sustainable urban development” and would cover the time period 2014-2020.



From early September the chief architects of the two towns will be consulting about the preparation of projects to create riverside recreation areas, said Daniel Panov.



The Veliko Tarnovo project is based on an early development plan, designed by the local architect Matey Savov. Projects should be ready by 2014 and and be implemented in 2015.



The Veliko Tarnovo project so far is planned to be 2.5 km long, running along the Yantra. It would from the tunnels next to the Tsarevets Castle. The project envisions cycling trails and walkways, decorated with greenery. The  Yantra coast will be reinforced with gabions and supporting walls. Two panoramic elevators will lead from the town to the street, shared Daniel Panov.



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