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The municipality of Sevlievo organizes a rock fest “Hotalich” on September 1 and 2 – festivals Veliko Tarnovo

The “Hotalich” rock fest will rock Sevlievo again this year

For the sixth time, the “Hotalich” rock festival, organized by the Municipality of Sevlievo. Gathers loyal fans of quality Bulgarian rock music on September 1 and 2 in the medieval fortress. Thanks to its loyal partner “Ideal Standard – Vidima”.

Already in 2017, they recognized the event as an opportunity to promote Sevlievo. And as a promising destination for rock lovers. Thus, the “Hotalich” rock fest established itself as a significant and anticipated event in the country’s musical calendar. Anotyher interesting event in program of the festivals Veliko Tarnovo.

During the two festival days, our city welcomes thousands of people from the country and abroad. The event is covered by hundreds of media. Over the years, Hotalic gave a stage to promising Sevlievo groups and performers (MIRY / Miryan Kostadinov), Never Found, Cheese heads, etc. And they shared a stage with stars such as: Renegat, B.T.R, D2, AHAT, P.I.F, FSB, North Westerners, Reverse effect, Svetlio & the legends, Pero deformero, Bazooka giganta, JOHN STEEL & David Reece, ERIDAN, ODD CREW, Vasko Krpkata and “Swelling Blues Band”, Milena, KONKURENT, THE FOUNDATION, Absolute, Mirror, Kontrol, Tangra, Broken, Drun4fun, Balkanji, Factory Defect, Ostava and many others.

An audience of several thousand awaits the Municipality of Sevlievo this year at the “Hotalich” rock fest. The walls of the medieval city and fortress will host fans from near and far who will come to Sevlievo for the biggest edition of the festival so far. For fans of good music, the Municipality of Sevlievo will once again provide a camping area. And also free transport from the city center to the “Hotalich” fortress. Ideal opportunity to visit one more of the festivals Veliko Tarnovo.

Sakar opens rock fest “Hotalich” on September 1

The band was formed in the summer of 2017 and has been in its official line-up since the beginning of 2018. They define their style as a mix of classic heavy metal, thrash, progressive metal and ethnic elements.
The group has released several singles and a music video. He is preparing the release of his first full-length album, which will be called “Samodiva”. In 2019, the band was one of the annual winners of the ZRock, Trampline, Rainers top 30 show.
Some of the more important performances that the band has had Cradle of Filth warm-up at the first Wolf Trail Festival in 2019. Shabla July Morning with the band D2, second place at the Rock Power 2019 contest, participation at the “Rock under Midjur” and “Chuprene Plein Air 2019” festivals, etc.

The supergroup “Legendite” takes over the stage at the “Hotalich” rock fest in Sevlievo on September 2

festivals Veliko Tarnovo

The culmination of the second night of the “Hotalich” rock fest is a unique symbiosis of musical love, which Sevlievo deserves and will receive in its purest form. Do not miss to enjoy a magical still summer evening – only on September 2 in Sevlievo!
“Legendite” is a super group that unites musicians from three generations in a common project that retells the history of Bulgarian rock music from the last 40 years in a different way. It features names with vast professional experience, who offer a live performance, presented attractively and modern by world standards, structured in a new way for the Bulgarian concert life.
The current lineup of “Legends” includes: Yordan Karadjov from “Signal”, Dimitar Karnev from “D2”, Konstantin Tsekov from “FSB” and Stanislav Slanev – Stanley. Guest musicians are Alexander Obretenov and Vasil Vutev.

25 years of “Wikeda” – at the rock fest in Sevlievo

At the turn of the last century, he drank his whiskey with peanuts and his coffee with Bobby. Mixing punk, ska, reggae and funk is a trademark of “Wikeda”. As well as the ironic lyrics of Erol Ibrahimov – musician, singer, composer, lyricist – the soul of the group.
On the second night of the “Hotalich” Rock Fest in Sevlievo, you will be able to hear the emblematic songs of the band, which turns 25 this year.

The Sevlievo band DeadAhead will take to their home stage on September 2 at the “Hotalich” rock fest – Sevlievo


By tradition, a local band will perform at the “Hotalich” rock fest in Sevlievo this year as well. The youngsters from DeadAhead will enchant connoisseurs of good music with their music.
They will open the festival program on the second day of the festival – September 2 at 17:00. Rhythm guitar and vocals – Nikolay Petrov, Viktoria Ivanova – vocals and bass guitar. And also Tsvetomir Ivanov – solo guitar and backing vocals, and Petar Petrov will be on drums. After them, we will hear NORTHWESTERNS, COOl DEN and WIKEDA, and the culmination of the festival will be the LEGENDS!

Free parking and free transportation to the fortress is offerd by the municipality of Sevlievo for the “Hotalich” rock fest

In view of the limited parking spaces near the fortress, the Municipality of Sevlievo urges guests to take advantage of the provided transport. The organizers remind all rock fans that free transport, parking and a camping area are provided. Visitors to the festival can park their cars at the Fair Grounds (GPS coordinates: 43.022213°, 25.105848°). From where the organized transport departs.

festivals Veliko Tarnovo

The buses will run:

On September 1, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the route Sevlievo – Medieval town and fortress “Hotalich”.
On September 2, from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the route Sevlievo – Medieval town and fortress “Hotalich”.
After 9:30 p.m., the transportation of all those who wish will begin from the fortress back to the city on both festival days.

festivals Veliko Tarnovo

The possibility of parking near the fortress is for approximately 50 cars. Therefore the organizers urge the guests to use the provided free transport. There will also be a camping area nearby where approximately 30 tents will be able to camp (GPS coordinates: 43.057431°, 25.061392°). Seats in the zone are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Come, for the sixth time together, let’s create more unforgettable memories from HOTALICH in Sevlievo!

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