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The ban for European citizens entering Bulgaria will be lifted

The ban for European citizens entering Bulgaria will be lifted

The ban for EU citizens and citizens from the Schengen countries to enter the territory of Bulgaria will be lifted from May 22, the press centre of the Council of Ministers reported.

Just a reminder that the ban on entering Bulgaria does not apply to Bulgarian citizens, members of their families, as well as to persons who are in de facto cohabitation with a Bulgarian citizen. There is no ban on entering our country for people with the status of permanent or long-term residence on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the members of their families. Exceptions are also introduced for transport, medical professionals, diplomats, border and seasonal farm workers.

Upon entering the territory of Bulgaria, a 14-day quarantine is not subject to Bulgarian citizens and citizens of EU who are travelling for humanitarian reasons or representatives of the trade, economic and investment activities. This also applies to medical professionals, foreign officials, border workers and bus drivers regardless of their nationality.

The members of the families of Bulgarian citizens, as well as people who are in actual cohabitation with a Bulgarian citizen, are not subject to 14-day quarantine when the term of their stay in Bulgaria is up to 7 days. All other people are placed under a 14-day quarantine in their home or other accommodation specified by the person.

People who are not placed under quarantine, as well as those who are just passing through the territory of the country, have to submit a declaration form to the border health control authorities that they oblige to comply with the anti-epidemic measures introduced by order of the Health Minister of Bulgaria and that they are aware of the risks of COVID-19. The declaration can be found on the site of the Health Ministry (Appendix № 1 to Order № RD-01-274 / 21.05.2020)

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