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Veliko Tarnovo Municipality with a record budget for 2021
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Two new roundabouts, a complete renovation of the main Bulgaria str. and more in Veliko Tarnovo

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has announced the start of the procedures for the selection of a contractor for the complete renovation of the main Bulgaria Street. New traffic organization, new traffic lights with special systems for bus priority and new bus stops with information boards powered by solar energy are envisioned. Besides these renovations, the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo is also planning the construction of two roundabouts.  The renovations and constructions should start in early 2020 and are expected to be completed by summer.

The plan envisages the replacement of nearly 50,000 square meters of road at the intersection in front of the Courthouse, all along one of the main Veliko Tarnovo streets all the way to the West Road junction at the exit for Sofia, including the direct boulevard route in the roundabout area between Belyakovsko Shose, Bulgaria, Poltava, Osvobozhdenie and Krakov streets.

One of the essential points is that a new traffic organization is planned through special lanes for vehicles in different secondary directions. These are mostly foreseen in the area of ​​Belyakovsko Shose, along the streets of Yavorov and Osvobojdenie. A new traffic light is planned for those coming from METRO before the intersection of Poltava and Krakov streets. The goal is to prevent the traffic jam, which is a daily occurrence here at the beginning and at the end of the workdays when traffic is heaviest.

Part of the planned renovations will also include upgrading the main traffic lights, replacing the old controllers and lighting elements with special LED systems and putting special sensors for priority bus transit. This will also help with the buses schedules. Overall, a tendency can be seen on part of the mayors’ office to encourage urban transport. New bus stops are also planned as well as information boards powered by solar energy. They will show both the bus route maps and the arrival times of buses.

The Veliko Tarnovo Municipality is also planning the construction of 2 roundabouts. One will be located at the south entrance of the city after the South road junction, where one of the entrances for the new city centre is planned. The other one is planned next to the newly constructed Boliarski Dom Complex at the entrance to Buzludzha neighbourhood.

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