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Free rides on the Christmas bus during the weekends

dsc_7477An attractive Christmas bus can be seen roaming the streets of Veliko Tarnovo . Behind the wheel is Santa Claus himself and the good spirit of the passengers is in the hands of Santa’s little helpers – the elves. The Municipal Tourist Agency Tsarevgrad Tarnov came with the idea of the jolly vehicle and now the initiative runs for 4th consecutive year.

The bus is adorned with Christmas decorations and lights and plays favourite Christmas and New Year’s songs. It will be going free of charge and will have a special route. Every Saturday and Sunday it can take you downtown to Marno Pole Park and the Christmas Market and its attractions.

download (3) Christmas Bus Timetable:

Dates: 6, 7, 13, 14 ,20 ,21 December

Route: 11,30 ч. Cholakovtsi; 11,40 ч. – Billa store 11,45 ч. – Зона Б; 11,55 ч. – Veliko Tarnovo Mall; 12,05 ч. – Kartala (Bus Turning Area) 12,10 ч. – Belyakovsko shose; 12,15 ч. – Green market – 12,20 ч. – Veliko Tarnovo Municipality; 12,30 ч. – Marno Pole Park; 12,40 ч. – Tsarevets; 12,50 ч. – Veliko Tarnovo Municipality ; 12,55 ч. – Veliko Tarnovo Court; 13,00 ч. – Nikola Gabrovski 13,15 ч. Veliko Tarnovo Hospital 13,25 ч. – Зона Б; 13,35 ч. – Billa store, 13,40 ч. – Cholakovtsi

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