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Pedestrian overpass to be built over Magistralna Street

asansioriVeliko Tarnovo municipality came up with a project how to make one of the most dangerous roads in Veliko Tarnovo safe for pedestrians. The one of its kind for the town pedestrian crossing will stretch above Magistralna Street which accommodates the national traffic between Varna and Sofia. The footbridge will start at Gabrovski Park and will connect this part of the town with two of the most populated neighbourhoods of Veliko Tarnovo – Zone B and Buzludzha. The facility will be 64 meters long and will finish at the stairs, near McDonalds’, leading to the two districts. It will be equipped with a lift so that is provides easy access for disabled people and mothers with prams. The overpass will be 15 meters high and will have tubular construction to minimize its cost which is estimated to be around 150,000 euro.

10759778873_f01c2883a8_bThe funding for the project is expected to come either from Transport and Transport Infrastructure Operational Programme or from the municipality budget.  The building of the pedestrian overpass will coincide with the long expected reconstruction of Magistralna Street. The repair works will cover the lot starting from the bridge over Yantra at the South Junction and ending at the first roundabout near Praktiker. Тhe Regional Development Minister Lilyana Pavlova promised that the government will grant the money needed for this rehabilitation.

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