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Just 26 new cases of coronavirus infection in Bulgaria for the past 24 hours.

26 are the newly infected with coronavirus in Bulgaria and 9 of them are in hospitals. This was announced at the morning briefing of the National Operational Headquarters.

16 of the cases are in Sofia, 3 in Pleven, in Razgrad also 3, Blagoevgrad – 2, in Vidin and Pazardzhik – 1 respectively. Among them there are 5 children. The total number of cured people is 461 with 17 new ones just for the past 24 hours. The total number of people infected with coronavirus in Bulgaria is 1981 so far. Of them 385 patients are in hospitals with 58 in intensive care.

The weekly analysis shows a reduction in morbidity. For the period April 20-26, 433 new cases of Covid-19 were found, for April 27 – May 3 there were 284 and from 4 to 10 May – 349. The number of cured patients is also increasing. For the respective three weeks they are: 39 in the first, 115 in the second and 138 for the week of 4-10 May.

The Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev issued an order allowing visits to indoor museums, galleries and libraries, in compliance with the requirement for social distance and all anti-epidemic measures. The order allows the holding of cultural events – concerts and other stage events, on outdoor stages , with allowable occupancy of seats up to 30% of their maximum capacity. The condition is to respect the social distance and the introduced anti-epidemic measures. Cinema visits are also allowed with the occupancy of the seats also up to 30% of their maximum capacity.

The Minister of Health in Bulgaria pointed out that after the state of emergency is lifted, the temporary ban on the entry of foreign citizens on the territory of Bulgaria will remain in force ; as well as the temporary ban on movement on the territory of the country if there are outbreaks; a 14-day quarantine for those entering the country and so on.

According to the minister, a decision on when to open kindergartens and nurseries in our country can be made in two weeks. The decision will be made on the basis of data on the spread of the infection in our country and how this measure will affect other countries that implement it. For now we are waiting for the Parliament to make the final vote on the bill, which should take effect after 13 May, allowing for the introduction of anti-epidemic measures for the “state of sanitary emergency”.

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