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General update on the coronavirus situation in Bulgaria

General update on the coronavirus situation in Bulgaria

On May 6, the checkpoints organized by the Ministry of Interior on the entrance-exit roads of regional city centers were removed. The only exception is Yambol. The checkpoints will remain open there for now because the epidemiological situation requires it, the Ministry of Interior explained. The order for removing the checkpoints in Bulgaria was issued by the Health Minister. The same order repeals the stricter measures for entering and leaving the city of Sofia.

Checkpoints in Bulgaria were removed

53 coronavirus cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours. Of them, 25 were admitted to hospitals. The total number of infected people in Bulgaria has reached 1811. A total of 1,163 people were tested in the last 24 hours. All of the tests made so far are 52,931. The new cases are distributed as follows: Sofia – 19; Yambol – 12; Pazardzhik – 5; Pleven – 5; Pernik – 4; Burgas – 3; Blagoevgrad -2; Vratsa – 2; Kyustendil – 1. The good news is that withing the last 24 hours there are 24 new cases of COVID-19 patients cured. The total number of recovered people is 384. The total number of hospitalized coronavirus patients is 355, of which 37 are in intensive care.

However, the Prime Minister stated that if we exceed the number of 100 newly infected per day, the strict anti-epidemic measures will return. He said that the reason for loosening the measures was that there is a cluster. But if more than 100 people get sick per day, we will immediately close everything as before. It all depends on us, on our discipline – to take care of each other, to keep our distance. So even though the measures have been loosened we still have to try our best to be reasonable and responsible.

Also a reminder that the obligatory wearing of masks or other protective equipment in outdoor public places was abolished. Masks still have to be worn in closed public places like buses, shops, etc. The order also states that “All people who are in open public places (including parks, streets, bus stops) are obliged to comply with the requirement for social distance and all anti-epidemic measures, and if a contact with other people is necessary to wear a protective mask or other means covering the nose and mouth.”

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