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The measures in Bulgaria will be loosened from April 1st

Bulgaria loosens the anti-epidemic measures as of today

A new series of loosened measures from today in Bulgaria. Driving courses are renewed, subject to strict rules against the epidemic. Individual workouts are permitted for a number of outdoor sports. Swimming pools will also be able to work, but if they abide by all the sanitary requirements set by the Minister of Health.

Starting today, preparations are underway to open establishments with outdoor areas (gardens, terraces, etc.) such as restaurants, fast food establishments, drinking establishments and coffee shops. By May 6, every restaurant owner must provide the necessary distance between the tables and mandatory disinfection after each customer.

Bulgaria loosens the anti-epidemic measures as of today

The tables must be arranged in such a way as to ensure a distance of at least 1.5 meters between them and to allow no more than four people per table (or one family). Service personnel must wear a face mask. After every visitor intensive cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces of tables and chairs is required. Disinfectant dispensers must also be provided for use by the establishment’s customers.

The loosening of the measure comes into force after the government and the National Operations Headquarters have decided it is time to let people outside with individual sports activities, such as tennis, running in the park or stadium, and others, subject to a distance of at least 2.5 meters between the individual athletes.

Bulgaria loosens the anti-epidemic measures as of today

Visits to independent swimming complexes and swimming pools are also allowed, but with strict measures for distance and disinfection. Some of the measures include entrance control – body temperature is measured for all visitors. People with fever will not be allowed to go in. Overall, Bulgaria is slowly trying to return to normal, everyday life.

Over the past 24 hours there are 21 newly infected people with coronavirus, of which 15 were hospitalized. Thus, the total number of confirmed cases in Bulgaria has reached 1632. According to data from the National Operational Headquarters Bulgaria has experienced a peak of the infection between April 20-26.

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