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veliko tarnovo festival sujuk
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The three-day celebration of the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk awaits guests from near and far – Veliko Tarnovo festival 9-11.06

Gornooryakhovsky sujuk

For the 16th time, Gorna Oryahovitsa will host the holiday with a rich culinary, musical and dance program

Gornooryahovski sudzhuk is entered as a protected geographical indication in the European register of protected designations of origin. As a result, this is the first Bulgarian protected geographical name according to the European quality policy. Recalled the representatives of the three meat processing companies that have the right to produce it. The delicacy will be available as a dried product and freshly grilled. Gornooryahovski sujuk is produced from single-grade quality beef with a bouquet of characteristic spices. Most importantly, it’s without additives and is dried for no less than 15 days, according to the association. As a result, the production is attracting a lot of interest in more than 20 countries in the European Union, according to the producers. This year Gornooryahovski sudzhuk – Veliko Tarnovo festival will hosts guest from the region and tourists from abroad.

Gorna Oryahovitsa – Veliko Tarnovo festival

Gornooryakhovsky sujuk festival

“Balkan Night” will open the celebrations on Friday, after that by DJ Jeryco will entertain the visitors. On the open stage the improv ensembles from the community center “Bratya Grncharovi-2002” and the performers Vanya Valkova, Aristos Konstantinou and Katarina Zivkovich will perform. On Saturday – June 10, the official opening of the holiday will take place with local amateur groups and many games – “Sujukar Lucky Tree” and “Sujukar Challenge”, “Appetizer for Tabietlii” and quizzes. The musical program will continue throughout the day.

This year too, there will be a special craftsman’s corner with visiting craftsmen from neighboring municipalities. A culinary studio will present typical dishes from the Gorno-Oryahovo region, for example ragged patties from the village of Varbitsa, cakes sprinkled with aromatic herbs and ripe beans in the Gorno-Oryahovo style. In the evening hours for the guests of the holiday there will be concerts of the Sevlieva brass band, Zhoro Lyubimetsa, Medi and Galena. For 16 years, the holiday has been an occasion for family and friendly meetings, for a return to the roots and for breaking away from everyday problems, the organizers indicated.
For three days, residents of Gorna Oryahovitsa and guests of the city will eat sujuk, enjoy the festive program and have the opportunity to participate in culinary games

Program of the festival Veliko Tarnovo

Gornooryakhovsky sujuk veliko tarnovo festival

The feast of the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk will begin on June 9 at 6:00 p.m. on the open stage with the performances of the ensembles of the “Pottery Brothers – 2002” NB. The guest performers on the first night of the festival are Vanya Valkova, Aristos Konstantinou and Katarina Zivkovic.

Official opening

At 11:00 am 10 June is the official opening. Throughout the day, the program will be extremely colorful and saturated with music, songs, dances, Sujukar games. The traditional “Sujukar Tree of Luck” raffle – everyone who bought a souvenir from the History Museum stand can take part in the raffle with attractive prizes, drawn every hour. And this year there will be a special corner for artisans from the municipalities of Gabrovo, Troyan, Sliven, Dobrich, Kazanlak, Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa.

Each guest will be able to view and participate in: Pottery workshop, “Skillful hands” workshop. “Mary’s dolls” workshop, Children’s ornaments and accessories workshop, Natural flower jewelry workshop, Workshop for capturing souvenirs from the corn rush, Workshop “Felts”, Workshop “Digging” – making wooden vessels, Workshop “Two hands” – cast ceramics and painting souvenirs, Atelier “Frivolites”, Workshop – “Watercolors” – making card, painting and woodworking, Atelier “Krasiva” – making natural soaps and Atelier for painting with henna.

Gornooryakhovsky sujuk festival

There will be an arranged culinary corner “Folklore table with typical dishes from the Gornoryahovo region” – Raggy pies from Varbitsa and cakes from Pravda. And the hosts will provide aromatic herbs. Anyone who wishes will be able to prepare their own patterned salt and sprinkle the baked parlenka.

Guest performers on the second night are the Sevlieva brass band, Zoro Lyubimetsa, Medi and Galena.
After that, the third day – June 11, will offer again be many songs and dances by improvised groups from the region.

Traffic organization

During the three-day Veliko Tarnovo festival of the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk there will be a temporary organisation of traffic. In short, sections of roads will be closed to traffic as follows:

  • from the intersection of “Vasil Aprilov” Street with “Mano Todorov” Street to the intersection of “Mano Todorov” Street with “Hristo Smirnenski” Street and all perpendicular streets of “Mano Todorov” in the closed section.
    Validity period for the temporary organization of traffic:
  • On 09.06.2023 (Friday) from 16:30 to 23:30;
  • On 10.06.2023 (Saturday) from 09:00 to 22:30;
  • On 11.06.2023 (Sunday) from 08:30 to 15:00.
    The bodies of the RU “Police” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Gorna Oryahovitsa will provide full assistance. They will ensure and comply with the temporary organization of traffic.


Gornooryakhovsky sujuk

The first evidence of mass production of this delicacy dates back to 1538. It is a document of Sultan Süleyman I the Magnificent, giving the right to Rustem Pasha to be the ruler of the lands in Rahovice-i-gerb. Today’s Gorna Oryahovitsa, and to collect the taxes from the production of sujuk. After that, in 1861 at the International Exhibition in Turin, Italy awarded the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk.

The deep-rooted traditions in making dry sausages also impressed the well-known Austro-Hungarian traveler and ethnologist Felix In 1882. He even reflected his admiration for it in his book “Danube Bulgaria and the Balkans”. An advertisement for sujuk was found in the “Bulgarian Almanac” from 1911. It was produced by the Nedevi family from Gorna Oryahovitsa. In conclusion, this is a testimony to the popularity of this product since then. Subtly, it becomes an emblem of Gorna Oryahovitsa and the entire region.

Uniqueness of “Gornooryakhovsky sujuk”

The uniqueness of this product lies not only in its shape, aroma and taste. A major part of its production is no additives in the form of antioxidants, color stabilizers or flavor enhancers. The most distinctive feature of “Gornooryakhovsky sujuk” is the unadulterated taste. It is prepared from high quality raw material. Moreover, only fresh beef from animals that are at least 18 months old is used for its production. The combination of vegetable spices, giving it a spicy taste. This is based on a traditional recipe that has remained unchanged over the years.

To achieve sujuk’s distinctive horseshoe shape, density and consistency, credit goes to the butchers. From the distant past to today, the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk has been consolidating its position as a favorite product of the Bulgarian festive table. Meanwhile, there is a popular myth that its taste is so specific because of the unique Gorna Oryahovitsa air. Perhaps because currents enter through the old mountain passes almost all year round, which favor its natural maturation.

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