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banitsa traditional Bulgarian food
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A banitsa festival is coming up in Novo Gradishte – traditional Bulgarian food

The seventh edition of the Banitsa Festival is being organized in the village of Novo Gradishte.

The organizers are the City Hall, the “Nov zhivot” PC and the “Zora 1925” NP. The festival will beon September 16 in the village centre. For another year the masters of twisted, turned and pulled buns will present their culinary masterpieces of traditional Bulgarian food.

This year’s culinary festival is competitive, and the best banitsa in two categories will be awarded – for salty and sweet.

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veliko tarnovo festival sujuk
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The three-day celebration of the Gornooryakhovsky sujuk awaits guests from near and far – Veliko Tarnovo festival 9-11.06

Gornooryakhovsky sujuk

For the 16th time, Gorna Oryahovitsa will host the holiday with a rich culinary, musical and dance program

Gornooryahovski sudzhuk is entered as a protected geographical indication in the European register of protected designations of origin. As a result, this is the first Bulgarian protected geographical name according to the European quality policy. Recalled the representatives of the three meat processing companies that have the right to produce it. The delicacy will be available as a dried product and freshly grilled. Gornooryahovski sujuk is produced from single-grade quality beef with a bouquet of characteristic spices. Most importantly, it’s without additives and is dried for no less than 15 days, according to the association. As a result, the production is attracting a lot of interest in more than 20 countries in the European Union, according to the producers. This year Gornooryahovski sudzhuk – Veliko Tarnovo festival will hosts guest from the region and tourists from abroad.

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traditional Bulgarian food
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Bulgarian food is Delicious – Discover 22 dishes to try in Veliko Tarnovo

Bulgarian food is a culinary delight that reflects the country’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. Traditional Bulgarian food is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that give them an authentic taste. Bulgarian cuisine features a variety of dishes, including hearty stews, grilled meats, and savoury pastries. The use of herbs and spices such as paprika and parsley is common in Bulgarian cooking, adding to the flavour profile of these dishes.

traditional Bulgarian food

Sharing meals with family and friends is an important part of Bulgarian food culture, making it more than just about the food itself. It’s about coming together to enjoy each other’s company while savouring delicious meals.

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