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Dzhulyunitsa, Dobri Dyal, Kozarevets, Merdanya and Dragizhevo to see their water mains reconstructed

map1More than 4800 residents of the five villages part of Lyaskovets Municipality will soon benefit from some major reconstructions of the water mains passing through Dzhulyunitsa, Dobri Dyal, Kozarevets, Merdanya and Dragizhevo.

The five villages are supplied with water from Yovkovtsi Reservoir. The total length of the pipe network for water distribution amounts to 65,644 meters. The plan is for 23,110 meters of pipes to be replaced. The most of the repair works are to happen in the village of Merdanya – it will see 6.4 km of pipes changed. The village of Kozarevets is to have only 1.3 km from the network reconstructed.

The budget for the project is set at 324,000 leva and the funding is to come through Rural Development 2014–2020 Operational Programme of the EU.

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