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Artists of Veliko Tarnovo have figured out how to get rid of utilitarian eyesores

While I ago, when I moved back to the City of Tsars, I started noticing and taking pictures of the quirky art I was seeing on the walls of abandoned Bulgarian houses, electrical posts and panels.

Seems like entrepreneurial young artists, studying/living here, have figured out how to get rid of utilitarian eyesores and scratch their graffiti itch at the same time. These fun spirits leave their mark on a city that needs a bit of colour.

Victoria, Gergina and Lora turn electrical panels in Veliko Tarnovo into quirky and fun art. They paint a variety of images on them – human faces, geometric shapes and abstract paintings – and turn them into beautiful and interesting works of art.

They say they look for something ugly to be turned it into something beautiful. They think electrical panels are especially ugly, often with posted bills, notes or obituaries.

All three study Arts at the University in Veliko Tarnovo and come from different parts of Bulgaria. They do it out of their wish to express themselves. They work in daylight, when people can see them change the face of the panels.

Before starting work, they usually clean the panels and spend a reasonable time envisioning their projects. Artists use acrylic paints, which endure rain and snow.

Images: Author.

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