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Giant glowing tulips will bloom in Veliko Tarnovo this spring
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Giant glowing tulips will bloom in Veliko Tarnovo this spring

The kinetic art installation “Merger – Confluence” by the popular visual artist Hristo Gelov will transform Veliko Tarnovo this spring. The famous artist, who turned the crosswalks in Spain into colorful rugs and decorated a bridge in Sweden as a “Lego” toy, will transform some of the open spaces in his hometown for the first time.

The tulips with impressive dimensions – up to 5.2 meters in height, will be located in special places in the city – the square in front of Tsarevets Fortress, the panoramic terraces on Stefan Stambolov Street, Mother Bulgaria Square and in front of the Art Gallery “Boris Denev”. Through a symbiosis between movement, light and color the artists aims to create a great atmosphere for citizens and guests of the city. The installation, created by colored wind turbines in constant motion, will respond to the wind and generate an electric charge for its own night lighting. The art project “Merger – Confluence” seeks to capture through a unique focus the intertwining between the beauty of Veliko Tarnovo and its traditions with the diversity existing in its contemporary culture. The project is part of the Cultural Calendar of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and is the first significant art event for 2021. The kinetic art installation will be officially opened on May 5th this year and will be present in the urban environment of Veliko Tarnovo until the end of October.

Hristo Gelov is from Veliko Tarnovo, but has lived in Spain for almost 30 years. He works in the field of audiovisual media and urban space. He aims to “humanize” the environment in the city and to offer alternative artistic points of view. He uses a wide range of visual communication techniques: temporary ephemeral actions, interventions in urban space, video mapping, kinetic installations and more. Among his most famous projects are the colorful crosswalks in the Spanish town of Torrelodones, near the capital Madrid. The eccentric zebras became famous all over the world after their publication on the site Bored Panda. The crosswalks were transformed with bright zigzag shapes, squares, rhombuses, circles and lines and enjoyed great interest.

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