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‘My Garden’ Campaign starts in Veliko Tarnovo

rosesVeliko Tarnovo municipality is organizing ‘My Garden’ Campaign for the second time in a row. Its aim is to stimulate citizens’ activity to turn the spaces between residential buildings, allocated for growing flowers and decorative bushes, into beautifully arranged gardens.

House owners and representatives of homeowners associations in Veliko Tarnovo can take part in the contest. What they need to do is describe the plot which is to be cultivated, enumerate the plant species that are to be grown and present papers proving ownership or minutes from the Homeowners General Meeting.

Afterwards a special commission will inspect all enlisted participating yards. The project is part of Veliko Tarnovo’s efforts to win the ‘European capital of culture 2019’ contest. The objectives behind this particular activity are to show the empathy of the citizens to make the town a better place for living.

Fifteen applications were entered in the campaign last year. So far eleven of the projects are accomplished. The rest of them are to be finished in the next few months.

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