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A new playground for mountain biking and other sports activities will be made in Veliko Tarnovo

In the summer of last year, the Municipality announced that a new project for a park space with areas for sports activities, temporary attractions, parking and a place for free walking of pets has been prepared for the territory of the circus site. Due to the lack of funding under European programs, the mayor’s office has launched a procedure for the gradual construction of the site with its own funds. The first stage includes the construction of an asphalt pump-track, and the track must be designed to offer fun and at the same time safe sports activities for people of all ages and with different skill levels.

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo will build an asphalt pump truck – a sports ground for mountain biking, scooters and roller sports. The pump track is a platform connected in a circle with a series of baboons and turns that can be ridden without pedaling. It teaches the basic skills of balancing, maintaining speed and inertia, using dynamic body movements. The asphalt pump track is also suitable for riding different types of bicycles, for skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, for practicing old jump (jumping) and others. Recreation areas are also provided. A drainage system will be installed during its construction.

The facility will be located next to the circus site. The site will be built on an area of ​​1000 square meters and will be on the site next to the circus site, which is a private municipal property and is designated for public service.

The value is BGN 296,500 without VAT. The Municipality has announced a public procurement for the project and a contractor has already been selected. This is the Sofia company “Bike Ventures” Ltd., which has submitted the only offer. The Municipality has partially provided funds for the site in the amount of BGN 147,500 without VAT.

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