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A new dog shelter in Pavlikeni

A municipal shelter for stray dogs was opened in Pavlikeni

The municipal shelter has a capacity to accommodate 100 dogs, which will be kept according to the requirements of Bulgarian legislation under appropriate conditions and care. 20 sheds have been built to accommodate the animals, each equipped with single huts, grouped in three yards.

There is also a service building with separate rooms for the staff, for storage and preparation of food, for equipment and preparations, for cleaning and disinfection, manipulative for veterinary activities, a room with a refrigerator / freezer /, quarantine, isolation of patients and injured animals, as well as a bathroom.

The shelter is temporary, which means that the captured or brought animals will be dewormed, vaccinated, neutered, ear tagged and chipped. After the regulated stay, the animals, which are healthy, non-aggressive and no one wanted to adopt, will be returned to their places of capture, but not near schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Every dog ​​staying in the shelter will have a passport. The operation of the shelter will largely control the population of stray dogs in the municipality. The number of free-roaming animals endangering the citizens and guests of the municipality will be reduced, as well as the risk of spreading parasites and infections.

The shelter will be open with no day off, from 8:30 to 17:30. It will accept visitors, potential adopters and volunteers who would like to help with walking and taking care of the pets.

Since December 2021, five employees have been employed in the shelter: Dr. Gloria Hristova – manager and veterinarian, as well as one driver – a hunter and three caretakers. On January 10, 2022, the Shelter was registered as a livestock farm by the Regional Directorate for Food Safety – Veliko Tarnovo and welcomed its first pets.

The Municipality of Pavlikeni has also provided a vehicle for transporting the captured dogs, which is in the process of licensing for the transport of live animals by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. The registration of the veterinary outpatient clinic at the shelter is forthcoming.

The rules for the operation of the shelter and the procedures for it, information about the hours of visits and the dogs offered for adoption, will be available in a special section on the website of the municipality of Pavlikeni. A Facebook page has also been developed for the work of the shelter.

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