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entertaiment in veliko tarnovo
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Weekend full of events, festivals and entertaiment in Veliko Tarnovo region

More than 1,700 performers from all ethnic groups will take part in the National Folklore Festival “In the middle of a village square in Arbanasi”

In the middle of a village square in Arbanasi

The twelfth edition of the prestigious cultural forum is this weekend – June 10 and 11. “Ilarion Dragostinov – 1897” PN in the village of Arbanasi is the organizer of this festival. With the assistance of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi City Hall. This interesting entertaiment in Veliko Tarnovo is not to be missed.

The festival has a conceptual approach. Therefore awards will be held in two categories – for authentic and for processed folk. The best performers will reseive prize money and certificates . They will compete in different age groups and perform as singers, dancers and in reenactments of customs.

Participants and prizes

festival arbanasi

Prizes will be awarded for different categories. For example the best preserved authentic costume, for traditional folk costume – stylized. For the youngest and for the oldest participant, for instrumental performance of folk music, etc. A special prize is be presented to the patron of the festival – the mayor of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. A plaque, a certificate and a cash prize, as well as a prize of the “Ilarion Dragostinov – 1897” village of Arbanasi.

There will also be awards for a children’s/youth formation and for a newly created formation. Also for an institution with the largest number of formations. The jury will give a special award, there will also be one on behalf of the audience. At 4 years old, he is the youngest participant in the festival this year. The girl is from the Children’s and Youth Dance Ensemble “Tarnovche” in Veliko Tarnovo and her name is Sofia Smilyanova. The oldest participant is 87 years old, this is Roy Roev. He is from the People’s Community Center “St. St. Cyril and Methodius 1927” in Topoli village, Varna municipality.

The jury and the organizers

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For the precision of the executions, there will be a professional meeting with the chairman Prof. Dr. Maria Ivanova Ivanova. She is an ethnologist from VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” . The commission also includes Svetla Karadjova – conductor of the Nightingale Quartet, vocal pedagogue of folk singing at Kliment Ohridski University. She is also a teacher at the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov”, Sofia. Yordan Ivanov – choreographer, manager and producer, Vanya Vakari – member of the Nightingale Quartet and Assoc. Mitko Dimitrov – Associate Professor at VTU.

“In the middle of a village square in Arbanasi” is a return to pure and authentic folklore is noticeable, characterized by all rituals. From the daily rituals of life to the holidays, aimed at expressing joy. Wishes and gratitude for the miracle of the Bulgarian existence, says Greta Ivanova. According to her, our folk songs are a folk chronicle. They are an amazing source of information, a treasure trove for preserving and learning about our national identity. They have everything – lifestyle, history, nature…

The program and what the guest of this entertaiment in Veliko Tarnovo will see

festival veliko tarnovo

All guests and participants of the festival will have the opportunity to see seven very interesting customs. Among them are the family ritual “Ritual Undressing of the Bride”, which will be recreated by the members of the “Green Ivy” Source Folklore Group in the village of Resen. The Samoyedians from Debelets will show how the patron saint of buffaloes, St. Sylvester, or the custom of “Rinačov Day” was celebrated in the city in their place of residence.

As part of the accompanying program of the festival, there will be a “Street of Crafts”. The festival will demonstrate Bulgarian crafts from all over the country. There will be handmade jewelry, knitting, woodwork, felted wool, stylized folk costumes and their accessories. Also herbal products, honey, knitting with corn husks you can buy. And products made with the “frivole” technique, Bulgarian needlework, kopanicraft, hand-woven rugs, panels and bags, and others.

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