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Benefits of Summer Kitchens in Bulgaria Houses

Summer Kitchen

Summer Kitchen

Ever wonder why our descriptions of Bulgarian property almost always include the space called summer kitchen? Here is why.


During the long hot Bulgarian summers a summer kitchen is worth its weight in gold when considering buying a house in Bulgaria.


Summer kitchens are multi-purpose living and recreation areas during the Bulgarian summer. Following a cold winter, Bulgarians enjoy time outdoors during the summer months. Summer kitchens are usually an extension of homes and are often covered to protect inhabitants from the heat of the sun.


People living in villages use the summer kitchen to cook, dine, rest/sleep, watch television and socialise with friends. Typically, summer kitchens are well equipped with a sink, kitchen area with table, cooker/wood burning oven/ BBQ, fridge and seating.


Most Bulgarians will make the most of an outdoor area even if it’s simply a balcony of an apartment, most of the cooking will be done on an electric grill or BBQ, to reduce both the heat and food smells of indoors.

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