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Cost of living in Bulgaria

People in Bulgaria are nice and outgoing

People in Bulgaria are nice and outgoing


A map of Bulgaria and its traditional styles of architecture

Have you thought about moving to Bulgaria? You have? So then probably one of the first things which come to your mind and you want to know is the cost of living here. It is definitely cheaper than living in the UK. Much cheaper.

The cost of some of the basic goods like eggs, milk and bread is around 30-40% less than in UK: a loaf of bread is a 0.33 p, 1 litre regular milk is 0.64 p and a pack of 12 eggs (although here they usually come in packs of 10) is 1.02 p. Prices of fruit and vegetables vary according to the season. In the summer time you can get 1 kg of tomatoes or cucumbers for as little as 0.30 p. Potatoes are within the 0.26 – 0.50 p range on a yearly basis and apples are selling between 0.30 and 0.80 p/kg. And with the approaching of the Christmas season prices of citrus fruit are falling – tangerines and oranges cost 0.45 p/kg and bananas are 0.80 p.

You can buy fresh produce from the Farmers' Market located in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo

You can buy fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo

Renting an apartment is also much cheaper. If we compare Winchester in England to Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, where we are actually based, you see that a 2-bedroom apartment in the town centre of Veliko Tarnovo is £ 150 and a 1-bedroom apartment is £ 100. The monthly rent of the 1-bed apartment is some 87% less than what you would have paid if you were living in the centre of Winchester (820 £/month).

There was a drop in gasoline price and it is now trending around 0.80 p per litre. A ticket for the town public transport is 0.26 p and if you prefer moving around by taxi the price per km is 0.29 p.

0.5 litre of local draught beer at a reastaurant cost just 0.65 p

0.5 litre of local draught beer at a reastaurant cost just 0.65 p

Dining out is also quite affordable. Three-course meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant is around £ 11. A 0.5 litre bottle of water is 0.37 p, domestic 0.5 litre draught beer is 0.65 p and a 0.330 bottle of imported beer is 0.74 p.

Bulgaria is a lovely country with very welcoming people and splendid nature (you can go to the seaside in the summer and skiing in the winter) and peaceful way of living. The town of Veliko Tarnovo is situated in one of the most beautiful areas. Veliko Tarnovo itself was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom; it has unique architecture and is rife with historical and cultural places to visit. If you have decided that Bulgaria is the place for you, be sure to put Veliko Tarnovo and the surrounding villages on your list. Many expats have already chosen the region as the perfect place for their new homes.

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