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Museum towns and villages around Veliko Tarnovo

Bulgaria boasts with a total of fourteen Museum Towns which are ‘showcases’ for Bulgarian houses built in the National Revival Period, built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Such towns are where the time seems to have stopped and are full of beauty and architectural style.Even though they are called Museum Towns and one would expect them to be empty or merely life-size ethnographic display, they are lively, active and inspiring places to live in.


Four of those beautiful towns and villages are within quick and easy reach to Veliko Tarnovo, one of them being Veliko Tarnovo itself.



Rustic houses that resemble minor fortresses on the outside. High, solid walls, heavy gates and secret hiding-places, the traditional houses of Arbanasi are spacious and comfortable, richly decorated and furnished on the inside. A great example of such imposing beauty is the Konstantsalieva House, a must-see if you’re visiting this beautiful village. See some our best offers in Arbanasi!



Situated 8km from Gabrovo, this is a charming ethnographic centre where you can watch craftsmen fashion beautiful gold, silver, copper, leather and wooden articles before your eyes. Around these you can also see some lovely old houses, flowers on window sills, small shops with wooden shutters and gas lanterns on street corners. Mostly two storey buildings, they are exact replicas of the homes of the old local craftsmen. Typical for the traditional architecture, upper floors are residential, whereas the ground floors host workshops and storage areas. Want to live close to this ethnographic beauty? Check out some our listings of Gabrovo property!



Tryavna is a town preferred by visitors for its fresh mountain air and unique architecture. A good road and railroad network connects the town with neighbouring towns and villages, as well as all further spots of Bulgaria.

The Tryavna masters gain popularity in the field of building, icon painting and especially woodcarving, which they handle to perfection and transform into art. Typical for Tryavna are two storey houses with open chardaks (traditional Bulgarian balconies; read more on Bulgarian Revival Architecture, Traditional Houses & Homes), carved eaves covered with heavy stone tiles.

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Veliko Tarnovo

The Bulgarian National Revival times are embodied in the architecture of Veliko Tarnovo. These are to be found in Gurko Street and the Samovodska Charshia, as well as the Asenov Quarter. Some of the fine examples are the House with the Monkey and the Sarafkina House.

The building tradition in the City of Tsars is influenced by the steep terrain. Charming homes overlooking the Yantra are built one above the other into the rocks. “I want to build my life like this, cascaded‘, said a friend once, when I showed him a picture of Veliko Tarnovo. If you want to live your life like this, see some our best offers of Veliko Tarnovo property!

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