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Easing of the anti-epidemic measures

Easing of the anti-epidemic measures in Bulgaria

The Ministry of Health has announced that as of Thursday, February 24, the gradual easing of anti-epidemic measures in Bulgaria will begin.

The report of the Chief State Health Inspector proposed a three-step approach to alleviate anti-epidemic measures, according to which the requirement for a “green certificate” across the country should be abolished as of March 20, with a favorable trend in the epidemic situation.

A three-step plan was presented, identified by health authorities, which could range from easing the restrictive measures to removing them.

The plan envisages, as a first step, the date of February 24, after which each owner of a public facility will be able to decide whether to allow persons without a green certificate. The requirement for the certificate remains mandatory only for the staff.

From the same date, up to 12 children in a group are allowed to attend group classes for children in language, educational centers, personal development support centers and other training centers and schools when wearing face masks, hand hygiene, regular airing every hour and disinfection.

The second step is scheduled for March 5, when everyone will be able to visit public places and extracurricular activities, without any restrictions.

By March 20, all other requirements for a green certificate on the territory of the country may be dropped. The requirement to wear masks indoors will remain and will probably be the last measure to go down.

The text of the whole order of the Ministry of Health can be found here.

New order by the Health Minister: Masks will be optional for work teams of up to 7 people
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