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We mark Earth Hour 2015

earth-hour-2015Earth Hour 2015 – a global initiative showing people’s concern about the well-being of the planet – will be marked on March, 28th (Saturday) from 8.30 pm. At this exact hour Bulgaria together with the other participating nations across the world will turn its lights off; people throughout the nation will stop consuming electricity for an hour so that they show that they care for the environment and the harm we cause.

This year the Earth Hour in Bulgaria will be dedicated to the rivers. The event will be held under the slogan Rivers needs us – let us provide future for them. Many Bulgarian towns will take part in the movement.

During the Earth Hour millions of individuals, communities, households and businesses all over the globe turn off their lights for an hour and landmarks around the world (Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo among them) will also have their lights cut out. This is one of world’s largest scale initiatives ever and was started in 2007. It quickly gathered momentum and turned into a global movement. Earth Hour allows us all to stop and have a think about what our impact on the environment is, to show our commitment to the planet and what each and every one of us can do to stop climate changes.

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