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Veliko Tarnovo cultural award

Veliko Tarnovo municipality was awarded for successful projects in the sphere of cultural tourism

Velikon Tarnovo municipality was honoured by the Bulgarian Hotel And Restourant Association (BHRA) with a prize for sustainable development in cultural and historical tourism for the current 2017. Veliko Tarnovo cultural award is a true recognition for the work of the local authorities in accomplishing projects  for improving the historical sights and attracting greater tourist flow.

The Prize was awarded to the Director of Culture, Tourism and International Activities Directorate of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Nelina Tsarova and the manager of the Municipal Tourist Agency “Tsarevgrad Turnov” Borislav Yordanov at an official ceremony, which took place on 28th, November in “Sofia Hotel Balkan”, in the capital.

The BHRA’s annual awards are for professional achievements in the field of management, hotel and restaurant management and have been awarded annually since 1996.

Veliko Tarnovo cultural award is for successful projects and initiatives in the field of cultural and historical tourism during the year,namely, preservation, restoration and exhibition of the medieval Shishmanova bath, the specialized exhibition of Bulgarian food producers “Trapezitsa Fest”, the interactive learning game “Medieval Criminal Mysteries- the secret of the 9 Keys, the Night of the Samovodska charshia, the Craft Festival and the cooperation for the opening of the park of the miniatures “Turnovgrad – the Spirit of centuries old Bulgaria”.



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