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Veliko Tarnovo holiday season
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Veliko Tarnovo holiday season begins: a whole month of cultural Christmas events has been organized- part two

A series of children’s theatre productions will please the kids in this year’s Veliko Tarnovo Holiday season. On the stage of “Vesel” will be presented the plays “The Little Match Girl” (November 25), “Christmas with Friends” (2 December), “Christmas Snowflakes” (December 9), “The Shoemaker and the Dwarves” (December 16). One of the most exciting events of the Veliko Tarnovo Holiday season will be the magic matinee for children and parents “Christmas wonders with Astor and Angel Zaberski brass band”. The show will be in December,10th in the big hall of the Veliko Turnovo Theater. On Saturday 9th and 16th of December, in the municipality’s hall, the children will be able to make Christmas souvenirs, toys and the traditional sourvakinitsi.

There is also a great choice for the grown-up theatre lovers. On the stage of “Nadezhda” Chitalishte will be placed the plays “Mistress Julia” (November 27), “This is not Hamlet” (November 28), and “The Lie”. In the evening hours of December, 19th, the Russian “Fleks Ballet” will present the show “Fanatica” on the stage of the Palace of Culture and Sports.Veliko Tarnovo holiday season

Exhibitions called “Glass Package” will be opened in the Exhibition Hall “Rafael Mihaylov” (24 November), and the devotees of visual arts will have the pleasure to see the exhibition “Autumn Salon of the Artists of Veliko Tarnovo” (30 November) as well. And another event worth experiencing: the amateur artists from the local Household Culture Club will present their works to the public on December,18th. On the same day the exhibition “From Christmas to Vasilitsa” will be arranged in the building of the municipality.

In the New Year’s Eve, the actor Georgi Mamalev, the ballet formation “Star Wars Show”, the dancers from the ensemble “Iskra”, the Deep Zone Project with DJ Dian, the singers Santra and Kristian Yankulov will entertain the residents and the guests of Veliko Tarnovo.Veliko Tarnovo holiday season


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