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Veliko Tarnovo cultural award

Veliko Tarnovo municipality was awarded for successful projects in the sphere of cultural tourism

Velikon Tarnovo municipality was honoured by the Bulgarian Hotel And Restourant Association (BHRA) with a prize for sustainable development in cultural and historical tourism for the current 2017. Veliko Tarnovo cultural award is a true recognition for the work of the local authorities in accomplishing projects  for improving the historical sights and attracting greater tourist flow. Continue Reading

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Veliko Tarnovo awarded as the most comprehensively developing tourist destination

Veliko Tarnovo was awarded the prestigious award for the most comprehensively developing tourist destination for 2015. Recently the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association awarded its 20th annual awards for professional achievements in the field of hotel and restaurant management.

The Old Bulgarian capital was honoured for his significant contribution to the development of a tourist destination with permanent season, for the substantial improvement of tourism infrastructure and attractions and for increasing the quality of the tourist and catering services.

Highly praised was the effort of Veliko Tarnovo and local tourism enterprises working consistently for a concept that turns the town and region in a prestigious, authoritative and desirable destination that virtually offers all year round tourist season with good prices and high quality services.

The role of the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality was also noted – he is the only acting mayor of a municipality in the country that has profound experience and considerable contribution to the development of tourism. Before being elected Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov was manager of the Tsarevgrad Tarnovo Municipal Tourism Agency.

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