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The villages around Veliko Tarnovo are blooming because of COVID-19
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The villages around Veliko Tarnovo are blooming thanks to COVID-19

The epidemic situation made many people think of their rural properties, and some even chose to relocate and work from there. The question is will this trend continue after the coronavirus crisis is over? Thousands of people have returned to their village homes hoping to protect themselves from the coronavirus. These are mainly the elderly, who fall into the most at-risk group, as well as people with freelance professions who have houses in the countryside.

The villages around Veliko Tarnovo have become one of the most sought after settlements in our country after the pandemic reached its record levels. The most wanted are rural houses within 20-30 minutes from the nearby city centre. The clients are mainly divided into two groups: people of working age who have freelance professions or professions that allow remote work and clients at early retirement age, who leave the cities because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The villages around Veliko Tarnovo are blooming thanks to COVID-19

In recent months, the rural real estate market is the strongest in the regions of Blagoevgrad, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, Troyan, Ruse, Shumen, Razgrad, Varna and Burgas. According to a study by the Association of Bulgarian Villages, the prices of houses are formed approximately according to criteria determinating the square footage of the building, its condition and adjacent yard. Thus, the price of a house of 80-90 square meters, with a yard of 500-800 square meters, is now equal to the price of a one-room apartment in the nearby municipal centre. A house of 100-130 sq. m, with a yard of 700-1200 sq. m, costs as much as a one-bedroom apartment in the nearby municipal centre. And a two-storey single-family house on 120-200 sq.m. and with a yard of 700-2000 sq.m is roughly equal to the price of a two-bedroom apartment. However, when it comes to new build properties, the prices are way higher. New houses in the rural regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, Troyan, Stara Zagora, Kazanlak, Sliven, Pazardzhik are sold for about 65,000-120,000 euro with an average area of ​​about 120 square meters and about 1,000 square meters of yard.

The difference between living in a village house with a garden and fresh air is incomparable with being locked up on the 7th floor of an apartment building for example. In 2021, the trend for an active property market in the villages is expected to continue. The construction of new houses is expected to intensify. The highest prices are still in the villages close to tourist places and natural landmarks, as well as those with good adjacent infrastructure and internet connection.

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