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The richest collection of Roman coins from Deultum exhibited in Veliko Tarnovo

Deultum coins

Deultum coins

Three hundred coins, which are part of the richest collection of Roman coins from the Roman colony Deultum are arranged in an exhibition at the Hadji Nikoli Inn in Veliko Tarnovo.

The Roman Colony of Deultum (situated 17 km south-west of Burgas) was established in the beginning of the 70s of the 1st century, during the ruling of emperor Titus Flavius Vespasian, by the veterans of the 8th Augustan Legion. This is the only colony of free Roman citizens on Bulgarian territory.

Deultum coins are owned by dozens of museums at home and abroad, but the most complete collection is owned by the Numismatic Museum in Ruse. It contains 2010 articles and includes hundreds of coin types and variations.

Over 30 of the coins are unique and have no similarities with coins in any museum in the world. The visiting exhibition of the first private museum in Bulgaria has opened yesterday. 250 object made of gold, silver, bronze and glass are arranged at the exhibition room of the Inn.



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