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Rising foreign interest in Veliko Tarnovo


Veliko Tarnovo coat of arms

Representatives of Austrian companies are expected to visit Veliko Tarnovo. The businessmen will be led by the Austrian Ambassador Gerhard Reiweger, who is visiting town for the opening concert of Austrian Music Weeks in the Old Capital.

The diplomat  will support Municipality’s application for EU funding for infrastructure projects, tourism and sports facilities.

In mid-May, a delegation from the Italian city of Ferrara are also visiting the Old Bulgarian capital. The city of Ferrara, too, is applying for the European Capital of Culture in 2019 and the governors of the two cities will share experience and opportunities for collaboration & partnership.

The Prime Minister Marin Raikov suggested that Veliko Tarnovo should also partner with a French city, which like Veliko Tarnovo has a rich cultural heritage. Following a French fashion, the municipality will pass an ordinance that will  oblige the owners of traditional graded/listed Bulgarian houses to renovate them, informed  Mayor Daniel Panov.

He also added that on April 18, the Ambassador of Ukraine (who has Bulgarian roots) will also visit the Boyar town and attend the International Exhibition for Cultural Tourism.

Last week the Mayor hosted 60 diplomats from all over the world.

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