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Second edition of the Festival "Return" in Hotnitsa village near Veliko Tarnovo
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Second edition of the Festival “Return” in Hotnitsa village near Veliko Tarnovo

The festival “Return”, based on self-organization and for the benefit of Bulgarian artists and creators, will take place on 18 and 19 May this year, in the village of Hotnitsa, near Veliko Tarnovo. Anyone wishing to join the initiative in support of Bulgarian art, creators and authors is more than welcome.

The main purpose of the “Return” festival is to encourage, stimulate and develop Bulgarian artists and their work. Bulgaria is full of rich cultural traditions that need to be revived, preserved and developed. The name of the “Return” festival (Завръщане in Bulgarian) symbolizes a return to the original nature of a person, namely love, creativity and empathy. The first edition of the event was held on May 19, 2018 with the participation of STOKHOLM and live loop artist KOPRIVA as well as local residents from the village of Hotnitsa. The festival aims to build on each of its next editions and take place in other regions and villages where there are active people willing to develop their villages.

However, the festival this year will be a bit different from the one last year. Last year the event was more or less improvised, while this year there is organization. There are over 20 musicians and bands, who will participate, as well as other creators – artists, poets, carpenters, stand-up comedians and more. The festival will be held on the meadow near the chitalishte in Hotnitsa, where there are conditions for tents and camping. According to the organizers, the main idea is to hold a two-day celebration of art. During the festival, there will be a cleaning campaign organized as well as a walk to the Hotnitsa waterfalls near Veliko Tarnovo. For future editions, they also plan to include cinema through screenings of feature films at the festival. For more information, you can check out the Facebook page of the festival.

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